1/30 - I just uploaded my lucky neighbor!
Lately I have been checking out my hot neighbor and I decided to invite him over to watch a movie........well things got intense between us......it was so obvious that he wanted me and it was written all over my face that I wanted him.......well one thing led to another and I just couldn't help my hands from touching him all over ........ then it was like you couldn't stop us, we were so horny and the sex wasn't even a question anymore it was a must!!! And yessss it was good very good! I saw him in the elevator today and well.......... you might just get to see how that went!!! most elevator rides are boring but today.......... you'll see...... Over the weekend I went up to Santa Barbara and shot for Richmotherfucker.com! Yesterday I starred in a feature film for Vivid involving some burgalars!!! I can't wait for Japan, it's coming so close, and in march I should be going to Hawaii! This week I will be shooting more fun stuff for you like in my car,and I know I invited my girlfriends over to come play we'll see what happens I can't wait! xoxox Love Always Paulina James ... More