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I was born and raised in Orange County California, growing up, I guess you could say I was a wild child. My elementary school was right on the beach, {Which was amazing} and after school, we'd race right into the ocean whenever possible. I surfed a little bit, love to snow board as well.

By the time I got to High School I was a cheerleader, joined the dance team, kept good grades and graduated early. One of my favorite subjects in school was business; I was always interested in learning as much as I could about various aspects of business, from marketing to management, everything I could. My other favorite thing to do was design clothes; I was always sketching, drawing patterns and stuff like that for my friends.

After graduating, I went straight in a local community college, where I Continued studying business by day and designing clothes at night. It was while I was In college that the opportunity to appear in an Adult Video came about.

I've been involved directly or indirectly with the entertainment industry for All of my life, I started modeling at the age of 5, {continue to do so now} was an Extra in the "Gambler 4" with Kenny Rogers and Reba Macintyre, appeared in music videos, done commercials, beauty pageants, lots of stuff like that, {I still have my portfolio too}.

Porn has always fascinated me too, and when I was approached by a talent Agency, I jumped at the chance. Erotica LA 2006 was my first experience in the industry, Although I was only hired as a model to pass out fliers, seeing some of the people I'd watched at home on TV was surreal. Meeting them was really cool too.

After the show, I went back to school and studying. A short time later, I was Approached by a friend who wanted to start a company, would I be interested in appearing in an Adult Feature? Of course. We shot the next day, I couldn't wait, once We wrapped the scene, I knew I wanted more. After getting in touch with Foxx Modeling, I began shooting right away, learning the terminology and so forth was Fun and the sex were great. Within 2 months I was on my way to Berlin, appearing at The biggest Sex convention in Germany. Over the next month, I went back to shooting, Moved into my own place, met with an attorney to set up my business, began shooting Content for my web site, met with several major Porn Companies about being a Contract Star, appeared at the 2024 Los Angeles International Show, continued what seems like a Never ending media junket. Australia, England, France, Japan all want Paulina, it's insane. I'll never forget the first time I picked up a Japanese magazine and saw myself, It was nuts.

Two short months later, I was hosting a Christmas party, appeared in my first major adult feature, “The Brady's” spent hours sitting at an edit bay cutting videos, producing and Directing my first photo shoot, and getting ready to go to Las Vegas in January for the Adult Expo, I'll be signing for Red Light District, and appearing in the Adult Video News Awards show, as a Trophy Girl, can you believe it?

Here we are, less then 6 months later, I have traveled around the world, met some of the most amazing people, walked the red carpets at some of the biggest events in Hollywood, launched my web site, will be on the Howard Stern show very shortly, still designing clothes and have to pinch myself sometimes, what's next? Come along for the ride, let's explore together….

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